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The June Bounty is Here!!

This year seems to be flying by! We are already in June and our summer farmers’ market season is in full swing with more seasonal and delicious foods from our local producers arriving each week.

There are so many benefits to shopping at the farmers’ market! When it comes to our health, the produce that is sold at the market is typically harvested on market day or the day before, which means it is harvested at the peak of ripeness. Produce harvested at its’ peak will have more nutrients and be tastier than if it’s harvested earlier. And when you shop at the market, you get to know your farmer! Knowing who is growing your food and how its grown is an opportunity to support what you deem important.

Below are some produce that you may see at the market this month. While we expect that these foods will be available, there is always a chance that crops may be limited or arrive early or late since production is dependent upon the weather and a variety of other factors.

Garlic scapes - Salad greens - Beets - Head lettuce - Rhubarb - Spinach - Sugar snap peas - Chard - English peas - Cauliflower - Potatoes - Green beans - Carrots - Scallions - Broccoli - Zucchini - Strawberries - Cherries

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