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  • Joni Garcia, Asst. Manager, YFM

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

On April 22 of each year, we celebrate Earth Day.  It’s a day where we take time out to remind ourselves of the importance of the health of our planet and environment, and that we need to protect them from things like pollution and deforestation. 


The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970, and in the decades leading up to the first Earth Day, Americans were fairly blind to all the pollution that was occurring.  Air pollution was almost a common way of life and American’s didn’t realize its’ effect on our environment and human health.


The first Earth Day event was led by Senator Gaylord Nelson, from Wisconsin, and Denis Hayes, a young activist.  Following the success of the first Earth Day event, Hayes built a staff and worked to promote events across the US, and the Earth Day movement was born.


Wondering how you can get involved?  Check out these ideas of how you can help our planet and our health every day.


Begin Composting

Depending on where you are, if the ground is thawed, it's the perfect time to set up a compost pile! Be sure to reach out to Heather at Kona Compost for more info and checkout a guide to composting.


Support Your Local Farmer

Visit the Yardley Farmers’ Market (YFM)! Not only will you be supporting growers in your area but buying local cuts out fossil-fuel intensive transport by air, land and sea. We guarantee the food will also be fresher, tastier, more sustainable, and much more nutritious. Bonus: by supporting local farmers, you’ll funnel dollars back into your local economy, which benefits you and your community. Alternatively, you can join a CSA. Each of the farmers at YFM offers a CSA and now is the time to sign up!  Talk to Gabe from Abe’s Acres, Ailsa from Love Grows, or Mike from Solly’s Farm for more info.


Dry Your Clothes Outdoors

Spring has sprung! Temperatures are rising and the sun’s rays are getting warmer, so there's no better time to line dry your clothes and get that fresh air-dried scent! Why bother? Electric dryers are remarkably inefficient: an average load of laundry washed and dried in a conventional dryer emits about 5.3 lbs of carbon dioxide (CO2 equivalent) per full load. In comparison, a load washed and hang dried only emits around 1.5 lbs!


Clean Up Your Environment

Nothing says earth day like cleaning up trash in your local riverbanks, parks, and community areas. And with the right group, it can be fun! So volunteer for a clean-up, make sure you are properly attired (yard clothes, sun protection, thick gloves, and a sturdy pair of boots), and get cleaning! No events near you? Start your own! Encourage your friends and family to join you for a rewarding day that ends with a potluck or pizza to celebrate all that hard work.


Plant a Tree

Whether you want to plant native trees on your property or prefer to leave the tree planting to a professional, this is a wonderful way to celebrate Earth Day. Because when it comes to protecting the climate, trees are the real protectors and planting them has consistently ranked as a top climate change solution. After all, trees help clean the air we breathe and the water we drink, stabilize the soil to prevent erosion, provide habitat for biodiversity, absorb carbon, and so much more!


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