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Summer is Sizzling @The Market!

Happy July! Our farmers and producers are in the thick of the growing season and it’s exciting to see and taste the bounty of summer.

One of the (many) great things about shopping at the farmers’ market is the unique and

seasonal items available from each vendor. The seasonality of the foods available really allows shoppers to not only cook with the freshest ingredients, but also to experiment with new recipes! In fact, you can guarantee your selection of the freshest local produce by signing up for a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share. Through a CSA, a shopper basically buys a share of a farm’s harvest in advance and then picks up their goods on a weekly basis from the farmer. If you’re interested in learning more about CSA’s, you can find information about their CSA models on their websites, or chat with Ailsa from Love Grows, Gabe from Abe’s Acres, or Mike From Solly Farm about CSA shares.

Below are some foods that you may see at the market in July. While we expect that these

foods will be available, there is always a chance that crops may be limited or arrive early or late since production is dependent upon Mother Nature and a variety of other factors. Be sure to check social media and sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive the latest updates!

Potatoes Tomatoes

Summer Squash Head Lettuce

Garlic Chard/Kale

Carrots Beets

Onions Scallions

Snap Beans Apricots

Cucumbers Blueberries

Peppers Cherries

Eggplant Peaches

Corn Plums

With all these delicious foods, what will you be cooking up? Here are some ideas for recipes using the freshest local food:

Have a recipe you love and want to share? Let us know! We love seeing your ideas and

creativity. Happy shopping!

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