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Passionate About your Coffee?

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

By Joni Garcia

A hot cup of coffee and the aroma of freshly ground beans ... life just doesn't get any better. This is why people are lined up for Liberty City Roasters at the Yardley market.

This is exactly what Jeff Kling, the owner of Liberty City Roasters, wants for his customers.

“Coffee should be an authentic, intense experience that just stops your day. This is what I want to create and to share with others,“ says Jeff. "Every sip should have that 'Wow Effect'.

Jeff developed a passion for coffee a dozen years ago when his wife took him on his first trip to Europe. There, he experienced many astonishingly great coffees, and wanted to enjoy the same immersive experience at home. So, Jeff started on his path to understand everything that went into a great cup, visited many coffee farms throughout his travels, and learned how to sample, brew, and roast coffee.

“A perfect roast is like a journey", Jeff explains. "It is an active and hands-on process. Environmental and bean temperatures are constantly monitored. Bursts of aroma and color changes are key indicators, and can occur very rapidly. Small adjustments have a dramatic impact on the cup, and are made throughout the roast".

"We combine science, art, theory, and good ol' fashioned trial and error".

Jeff sources his beans from the finest coffee growing regions in the world, and is involved in every step in the operation: sourcing, roasting, brewing, and selling. And, he can’t wait to share his passion with you!

You can pick up a cup of hot coffee and fresh roasted coffee from Liberty City at the Yardley Farmers’ Market, 1st and 3rd Sat. They also offer subscription and gift boxes through their web site:

Jeff also welcomes visitors. Give a ring, and swing by Liberty City in Bristol, PA for a quick tour and a chat.

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