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Nord Bread

By Joni Garcia

Nord Bread Company started at the Yardley Farmers’ Market (YFM) over the summer and quickly gained a following…and for good reason!

Husband and wife team, Danny and Bianca, started Nord Bread after both were out of work due to injuries on the job. While they were healing, they decided to start making bread – something they always thought about doing, but hadn’t gotten around to.

Nord’s focus is on sourdough bread. “I’m gluten sensitive, but I can tolerate sourdough bread,” says Bianca. Sourdough bread does not contain commercial yeast, but instead undergoes a fermentation process, which produces lactic acid and breaks down the wheat proteins. This process makes the bread more digestible and easier to tolerate for those with gluten sensitivities.

In just 2 short years, Bianca and Danny went from experimenting with recipes to selling their breads to many local stores and at farmers’ markets throughout the Bucks County area. They continue to experiment with different varieties and are loving it! “We keep doing it because it’s different everyday – everyday is a different challenge. It keeps us on our toes,” says Bianca. “We’re bringing good food to good people.”

You can expect to see 7 varieties of bread from Nord at any given time. The staples are RYEbrid, Superseed, and Plain sourdough. Each month features a savory bread and a sweet bread (this month the savory is Roasted Garlic and the sweet is Earl Grey and Date). There is also always an ancient grain variety as well as the Energy Bread. This month the Energy bread is switched to Viking Bread, which includes coffee, molasses, a seed blend, and figs. I got my Viking Bread this past weekend and I’m addicted to it! It’s super filling with a hint of coffee flavor and a subtle sweetness – yum!

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