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A Tale of Two Bakeries

By Joni Garcia


Carb-lovers can rejoice at the bountiful bread options available at the Yardley Farmers’ Market (YFM)! The Market has two regular bread vendors where you can find whatever you might be looking for – from baguettes to sandwich bread to pastries.

Wild Flour Bakery

Wild Flour Bakery is run by husband and wife team Nishon and Laura and got its start 15 years ago, back in 2003. Nishon left his high end restaurant gig to pursue his passion of baking breads and has never looked back. A few years later, his wife, Laura joined the business full time and their passion is infectious.

Nishon started his business baking just breads and selling them to wholesalers. Since then he has expanded his business to include retail sales at farmers’ markets throughout the year and they have a small shop in Northeast Philly where people can pick up orders.

You can expect to see a variety of goodies from Wild Flour bakery – baguettes, sliced breads, challah breads (their first dough/roll!), dinner rolls, and café breads like scones and quick breads. For the holidays you’ll see some other treats like pies, eclairs, and cookies. Everything from Wild Flour is preservative free and done completely by hand. Baking is staggered so only the freshest items are delivered to markets.

Want to place a special or bulk order? Ask the folks working the booth at YFM for Laura’s card. Shoot her an email and she’ll take care of you!

J’s GourAmaze Fine Foods and Baked Goods

Jay Howard is the brains behind J’s GourAmaze breads. He makes all kinds of goods, but you’ll find his gluten free goodies at YFM, meaning his baked goods are made without wheat, barley, or rye flours.

Jay has been dishing out gluten free goods for about 5 years and got his start as a way to help his daughter with her gluten sensitivity. It took him a little while to get the formula right, but once he found it, he as able to make breads and pastries that taste just like the regular thing.

Jay’s breads and goods are all natural, and he uses VitaFiber to sweeten things up, making everything lower in sugar. VitaFiber is a low calorie natural sweetener made from the tapioca plant and is gluten free.

You can expect a variety of baked goods from Jay – breads, cakes, cookies, pies, and even some vegan goods. Anything purchased from him freezes well, so it’s ok to stock up!

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