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2023 Summer Market season begins

Updated: May 16, 2023

May 6, 2023 we celebrate the first Summer Market of the year! We welcome back many of our regular vendors from the winter and prior summer markets. During our Summer Market you can shop from 9 am to 12 pm. In addition to the return of Solly's Farm and Hershberger Heritage Farm, we are so excited to have 6 new vendors joining the market; bringing Kombucha, Indian and Latin prepared foods, cut flowers, goat milk & vegan soaps and body products, and all natural vegan dog treats. Visit our Summer Vendor page for more details and schedules for the part time vendors.

Love Grows Farm serving customers
Love grows Farm serving customers

Many thanks to our ongoing sponsor, Yardley Harvest Day, for continuing to sponsor us for the coming year! Their generous donations helps us to keep operating and bringing fresh, delicious local foods to our community! If you don't already know, Yardley Harvest Day is an amazing Fall Festival in Yardley Borough with a history going back to the 1960's! This year they donated proceeds to nine different non-profit organizations in the Borough, and it is the reason we do not have our market this year on September 23rd (but you can find many of our vendors at Harvest Day). It is a Happening, so be sure to add Yardley Harvest Day to your calendar!

cute Dog
Dogs are welcome here

Our team is excited to bring you our Summer Market for many different reasons, not the least of which is the Social Atmosphere! We love our customers, vendors, and volunteers and the special family-friendly atmosphere that we create together. A few of our volunteers you may recognize when you visit but many others work behind the scenes, including the those who unfailingly put out and take down the yard signs every week, and others who help with our social media and website marketing. Plus we'd like to thank all the student volunteers from the Pennsbury National Honor Society who arrive bright and early every Saturday to help the vendors set up in the morning!

Farmers Markets don't just happen, it truly takes a village.

No matter your primary reason for shopping the Market, join us this Saturday as we celebrate the first Summer Market of the season. Meet old and new friends, talk with our vendors and staff. Enjoy being a part of the YFM community!

Looking forward to seeing you at the Yardley Farmers' Market!

Produce farmers this week include Abe's Acres Farm, Love Grows, Noah's Dove Farm, and Solly Farm. See Ailsa at Love Grows for curly kale, collards, spicy greens mix, pea shoots, thyme, sage and still more sweet potatoes! Abe's Acres Farm will have arugula, salad mix, mustard greens, Power greens, pea shoots, radishes, beets, kale, spring garlic, Daikon radishes, and his sweet potato special - $30 for a half bushel pre-order Solly Farm will have fresh asparagus, pies and baked goods, veggie plants, herbs and a selection of flowers this week! Noah's Dove Farm will have a great selection of microgreens and locally made hummus.

fresh strawberies
First strawberies of the season

This Saturday help us welcome our pop-up guest, the Yardley-Makefield Lions Club. They will have information about their upcoming rescheduled Craft Show, which had to be canceled last weekend due to rain. In addition they will have tickets for a group outing to a Trenton Thunder game and copies of their community cookbook for sale. (Think recipes and farm fresh produce - sounds delicious!) Proceeds go towards funding the group's many service programs during the year.Other highlights this week include:

Fungified Farm brings a wide array of fresh mushrooms to the market, along with their dried mushrooms and tinctures. Try this delicious Asian Fusion Lion’s Mane recipe.

Hershberger Heritage Farm will be featuring Bavette steak! You may be hard pressed to find this amazing cut anywhere so get one before they sell out! Bavette is the French word for 'bib' which is roughly what the steak looks like. Bavette is amazing because it is very similar to flank steak (which is also amazing) but it adds the great flavor and intra muscular marbling in skirt steak that brings out the full flavor of the steak. Hershberger beef is always 100% grass fed which has good fats like CLA and polyunsaturated fats that are very different from the saturated fats in grain fed beef. Cook and prepare the Bavette exactly as you would flank steak (its often called "French Flank"). Even if Bavette or your go-to steak is sold out, ask Nathan about other less known, but fantastic "off board" steaks! We welcome a new full time vendor this week, Tript Foods. Tript Foods is a Tiffin/catering service in West Windsor, NJ that cooks fresh vegetarian and non-vegetarian authentic North Indian food, including Rajasthani, Delhi, Punjabi Food. They will be bringing frozen meal packs, Samosa, Mango Lassi & other Indian drinks. "Ultimately a meal is supposed to fill up, nourish and create peace & harmony (contentment) between one’s mood, body, activity and environment." Stop by and check out their selection on Saturday!

loaf of bread
Freshly baked bread

One Up One Down Coffee will have cold brew AND iced tea this Saturday with delicious organic flavor syrups and vegan milks as an add on for both! Look for Natalie under the Pavilion. Choose from a selection of whole Bean Coffee or Pre-order online for your choice and professionally ground coffee. Choose “Yardley Farmer’s Market” as the shipping option at check out, and indicate how you want it ground in the receipt notes at checkout. (Example “Grind for French Press.”). Mary's freshly made, small batch granola is a bag of goodness! Delicious for breakfast or for snacking right out of the bag. ShoSho's Kitchen Granola is available in 4 flavors, with low sugar, vegan options.

Make sure you stop by and check out Molto Bene Ravioli's delicious small batch Frozen Ravioli, meatballs and sauces. They often have a special ravioli or pesto for the week."Wild Flour Bakery is excited to be back with our full line-up of artisan breads and pastries. Our exclusive American grain free form is back this week. All indigenous American grains including pecans, wild rice, cornmeal and honey. Pre-order yours or come early to grab a loaf." Pre-order from WFB's online store by 12 pm on Friday and select Yardley Farmers Market in Shipping method.

two vendors who sell flowers
Flowers anyone?

Visit Heck of a Cookie for a wide selection cookies, biscotti, coconut macaroons, and sweet breads, including vegan friendly and gluten free options. Stop by Chizfit for delicious, vegan friendly desserts loaded with plant proteins that are both filling and satisfying. Choose from Superfood cookies, Mini Apple pies, Gluten Free Blueberry donuts and Mango Tumeric Kombucha bread.

Yummy granola
Yummy granola

Incorporate sustainability into routine by signing up for curbside compost collection service provided by Kona Compost, a women-owned Bucks County composting business. By keeping your food scraps out of the landfill, you increase the health of the planet and lower your carbon footprint. Let Kona Compost do the dirty work for you by transforming your scraps into soil. What's your favorite pickle flavor? Plus olives, sun dried tomatoes, roasted garlic and other condiments from Jersey Pickles! For a wider selection, shop online by Friday at 1 pm for pickup at the market.

tript foods vendor at the market
our new vendor Tript Foods

“When life gave us lemons, we chose to whip up a batch of fresh Lemon Hummus for our friends at the Yardley Farmers Market! Proudly crafted in Historic Bristol, PA!!” Grab yours at Noah's Dove Farm stand on Saturday.

For specific Vendor information, visit our Summer Vendor Page

kona compost vendor
Kona compost is helping us be better stewards

Thanks to the generosity of our SNAP Partner, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, located by Lake Afton in Yardley, we can match dollar for dollar up to $20/market, promoting even greater access to the freshest, healthiest food around. Look for this sign by our Market table to swipe your card.

A Special Thank You to our Sponsors Yardley Harvest Day & Capital Health for their continued support!

Leashed, friendly dogs are welcome. Please keep them close and be prepared to cleanup if necessary. Thank you for your continuing cooperation!

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