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Welcome Fall Season

September really is such a wonderful month – we start to feel a slight chill in the air during the morning and evening and autumn produce is starting to creep in; however, we continue to enjoy summer’s warm days and abundance at the market!

September also tends to mean back to school and back to a routine for many people. As part of that routine, we encourage our community members to shop with us at YFM! There is something special about the atmosphere at the market. The sense of community and friendly

conversations with vendors make for a delightful shopping experience. It’s something that

really can’t be replicated!

Below are some foods that you may see at the market in September. While we expect that

these foods will be available, there is always a chance that crops may be limited or arrive early or late since production is dependent upon Mother Nature and a variety of other factors. Be sure to check social media and sign up for our weekly newsletter to receive the latest updates.

Swiss chard Collard greens

Tomatoes Carrots

White potatoes Spaghetti squash

Delicata squash Green beans

Garlic Onions

Peppers Beets

Spinach Broccoli

Arugula Ginger

Pears Apples

What will you be cooking up with all of these delicious foods? Check out some ideas below:

Simple Swiss Chard

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Boats

Roasted Beet Salad

Have a recipe you love and want to share? Let us know! We love seeing your ideas and

creativity. Happy shopping!

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