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Meet our new Winter Vendor - Purely Farms Naturally Raised Pasture Meats

By Joni Garcia

If you’ve been to the winter market this year, you’ve likely noticed one of our newest vendors, Purely Farms Naturally Raised Pasture Meats. Purely Farms specializes in pasture raised turkey and pork products. I was lucky enough to chat with Joanna, one of the owners, to get a little more info on their operation.

Purely Farms got its start after Joanna, a self proclaimed reluctant vegetarian, decided that she needed to learn how to raise animals humanely so she could enjoy eating meat without hesitation. Purely Farms started their operation in Pennsylvania in 2002 after learning everything they know about running a high quality and humane operation out west.

Purely Farms raises all their animals on their pasture from farrow to finish, meaning they raise their animals from birth to market. Their animals are fed a non-GMO, antibiotic free, transitional organic diet (translation: the company that makes their feed follows organic practices; however not all of their fields have the organic certification yet).

Purely Farms Naturally Raised Pasture Meats farms on 40 acres in Ottsville, PA. You can buy their goods at the Yardley Farmers’ Market on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month during the winter market season. Alternately, you can order ahead of time ( and pick up your goodies at the market. And they are still taking orders for Thanksgiving turkeys. I also need to mention that I have personally tasted their sausage and turkey products and it’s the BEST sausage and turkey I’ve ever had…you must try them out!

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