Meet Our Winter Vendors

Winter Market - 1st & 3rd Saturday

Oct. 19, 2019 - April 18, 2020

Abe's Acres Farm

Produce & Herbs sustainably grown in Hightstown, NJ.  Plus homemade salsa, tomato sauce and other products from the farm. Our products are better than Organic....Just ask us why!  We also carry farmstead cheeses, pork and beef from Cherry Grove Farm (see below)

Cherry Grove Farm  is a diversified, sustainable dairy farm and creamery and pasture in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, making award-winning farmstead cheeses from our grass-fed raw cows’ milk.  Cherry Grove cheeses will be available at Abe's Acres Farm table.

Coppertop Chestnut Grove SOLD OUT

Coppertop Chestnut Grove is a family run operation in NE PA.   It's our desire to reintroduce this American staple enjoyed by so many families in the past.  We are please to offer our chestnuts during this holiday season.  Following the American Chestnut blight most chestnuts available commercially today are from the Chinese chestnut tree.  As a result of the efforts to reintroduce American Chestnut,  Coppertop can bring this  traditional holiday treat to you.

Heck of a Cookie

Are you tired of store-bought cookies that lack flavor and have ingredients you cannot pronounce? Heck of a Cookie offers made-from-scratch deliciousness like the cookies you made with Mom using fresh ingredients and love in every bite.  Tom Heck had been a pastry chef for over twenty-five years at several re-known white-tablecloth restaurants in Philadelphia.

Hobble Hill Farm

Hobble Hill is a small Farm in Perkasie raising "Suri Alpacas" with excellent fiber qualities such as fineness and density.  Our initial herd is from the outstanding bloodlines of both the "Wild Rose Suri Ranch" and the"Chesapeake Alpacas",  both top quality producers of Suri Alpacas.  Offering yarn, hand knit items, fleece and other Alpaca products.

Jersey Pickles

Carrying a full line of pickles, including full sour pickles, half sour pickles, new Pickles, kosher dill, hot & spicy pickles, sweet horseradish pickles chips, sweet & hot pickles chips, sour tomatoes, crunchy & hot pickles and a variety of marinated olives, sun dried tomatoes ad sour kraut.

Keystone Colonies Beekeepers is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in raw local honey products from Philadelphia. Our main focus is to promote responsible beekeeping, preserve all of our pollinators, and provide a healthy sustainable product that is sourced locally.

Liberty City Roasters

A great cup of coffee is more than a beverage or pick-me-up.  As with other culinary delights, coffee can create a smile; a sigh; a pause that briefly removes us from our busy lives.  Each sip may be truly savored.  This is our mission and our goal: sourcing the best beans, roasting them in small batches by hand, and getting the final, fresh product to you as soon as possible.  Offering whole beans ground to order, hot coffee, cold brew.

Love Grows CSA

We have grown for years on the land at Snipes, and although we are not certified organic our vegetables are grown organically and have been since 2007.  We believe that healthy land grows healthy food and healthy people. We offer seasonal vegetables, chickens and eggs.

Mainly Mushrooms

We sell locally foraged mushrooms, ramps and fiddleheads in season.   We also have several varieties of cultivated mushrooms available, as well as a full line of dried mushrooms.  In season, we have European and domestic truffles available for sale.  

A variety of Estate cold-press Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Aged Balsamic Vinegars, 100% Pure Argan oil, and olive wood accessories. 

Nord Bread

Naturally leavened, organic sourdough breads and baquettes, handcrafted by local husband and wife team in Doylestown.  Always fresh, always organic, always delicious.   Offering three standard bread flavors and 2 monthly special flavors.

Purely Farm's Naturally Pasture-Raised Meats

Purely Farm’s Naturally Pasture-Raised Meats specializes in pork and turkey.  All of our animals are raised hormone and antibiotic free.

Purely Turkey is available throughout most of the year as well as for Thanksgiving. From day old chicks to oven roasters, our birds are raised, grazed and processed on our farm in small batches.  After leaving their brooder, turkeys forage on pasture, ensuring plenty of grass, insects, fresh air and exercise.


Purely Pork is “farrow to finish” meaning our pigs are born on the farm.  Piglets remain together in individual litters and are permitted to grow as tight family units.  In addition to the grass and locally grown grain ration, we supplement their diet with surplus organic produce.

Joanna & Marc Michini can be contacted at (215) 317-0889 or emailed at

ShoSho's Kitchen Granola

While juggling a career and raising her family, ShoSho's founder, Mary James, wanted a healthy, natural snack to give her family.   Dissatisfied with the abundance of artificial flavors, ingredients and colorings littering the snack foods aisle,  Mary created her own granola recipe using all natural and healthy ingredients.    Mary's granola and granola bites come in several flavors, with or without nuts, and flourless and vegan options.

ShoSho's Kitchen is a frequent guest vendor, check our newsletter or Facebook page for dates of attendance.

Local historic family farm producing a wide selection of certified organic vegetables and fruits, plus fresh eggs, Mighty Cider and apple cider.

Tioga & Rizzo Farms

Small batch hot sauces, pepper-infused mustard and jellies prepared from locally grown hot peppers and ingredients. 

The Bubbly Goat

We raise dairy goats in order to produce goat milk bath and body products such as soaps and lotion as well as utilize them on the vegetable field for weed and soil health management and thus the Bubbly Goat was born.  This is what you might call a "true farm product".  Many other small soap businesses either use goat milk in their soap in the form of a powder or send the milk out to a large company to make their products.  With us, this is not the case.  Each bar that you purchase was created start to finish at the farm, from the milk that the goats provide, to the actual crafting and packaging of the product, to the raising of the goats themselves.  Each bar has a story behind it, and should you be curious enough to ask, we would be more than delighted to share that story with you ~  

The Pasta Lab (the 3rd Saturday of each month)

The Pasta Lab offers a variety of fresh pasta products made with locally sourced and freshly milled flour. We are committed to utilizing raw materials from producers in our region.

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